Coldroom Solutions for Bakeries
CELLTHERM is a recognised specialist when it comes to the particular demands of bakery refrigeration. Whether fermentation coldrooms, blast freezers, preservation units or storage coldrooms: we supply the whole product package for bakeries.

Merchandiser Coldrooms with Glass Doors
Our merchandiser coldrooms with glass doors are used increasingly in petrol stations, kiosks, wholesale markets and supermarkets. Optimum merchandise presentation is seamlessly combined with maximum operating efficiency (simple rear-loading and removal) and minimum energy consumption.

Custom Productions
We ensure that absolutely every millimetre of scarce and valuable space in the storage room is used to the best advantage. Cladding of pillars, allowance for on-site ceiling support beams and wall projections, construction of tunnel projections or sloped corners: CELLTHERM provides coldrooms for all situations.

Machine Casing
Many production processes, particularly in the food industry, take place in temperature-controlled environments. For this, CELLTHERM supplies made-to-measure machine casings with service doors and inspection port holes. We can also incorporate sound insulation into the designs if required.

We can also handle large-scale Jobs
Thanks to the modular design, the maximum size of our coldrooms is (virtually) unlimited. Structural elements such as sliding doors, windows or glass doors can be easily integrated: always prepared in our factory and easy to install, just like the flower cooler depicted here.

Coldrooms for Pathology Facilities, Pharmacies and Laboratories
Coldroom installations with hatches and hinged doors or with lateral loading: our custom solutions for the sensitive area of mortuary refrigeration have proven themselves worldwide. So too our trade solutions for pharmacies, laboratories or diagnostic and testing coldrooms for the industry.

Exclusive Features
CELLTHERM even has plenty to offer for those special requests: exquisite cladding, custom lacquer finishes and deluxe lighting systems are just a few of the options that we have in store for our more discerning customers.

The CELLTHERM Standard Coldroom
Last, but not least, our premium quality standard coldroom with its countless combination possibilities is often the ideal solution. Together with the made-to-measure shelving system and the dependable refrigeration unit, they form an unbeatable trio that guarantees you are always on the safe side!